Qadisha Valley Olive Oil 

Qadisha  Valley

An Olive Oil of the Highest Quality

Qadisha Valley Olive Oil is an exceptional olive oil of the highest quality. Great care is taken in every step of production to provide one of the finest olive oils available.

The Olive's Terroir

The olive groves themselves are situated at a height of over 700m above sea level in an area of unspoilt natural beauty, well away from any major towns and pollution. The groves have been tended with reverence by the same order of monks for centuries, and are classified and monitored as organic to strict EU / international standards.

Mound of Olives
Qadisha  Valley

Hand Picked

The olives, once harvested, are taken directly to the mill within a few hours for grading and selection. Olives are selected by hand based on size and health.

Manufacturing Process

Any individual olives that do not meet the strict criteria for milling are discarded. Only 50-60% of harvested olives finally go through to the mill to be made into oil.

The oil is extracted from the olives using state of the art modern machinery. Once the oil is produced it is stored in modern stainless steel storage tanks at the optimal temperature before bottling.

Mound of Olives
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Using The Oil

Qadisha Valley is the perfect olive oil to accompany salads, cheese, fish, cold meats and for experimentation; some use it as a hair and skin conditioner.

Storing The Oil

Qadisha Valley is supplied in dark glass bottles to reduce the impact of light on the aging process.

The constant objective throughout the production process is to minimise the oxidation of the oil. This in turn prolongs the fresh taste and maximises the health benefits which are well known to derive from a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive oil. This attention to detail produces an organic olive oil that will maintain its “Extra Virginity” far longer than mass produced olive oils.

To preserve the quality of Qadisha Valley, the oil should be stored in a cool, dry place away from any direct or indirect sunlight.

Awards & Certification

Great Taste Award
The Guild of Fine Food

OF&G Certification
Organic Farmers and Growers

EU Certification
EU Organic Certification