The Great NZ Bread Knife


This breadknife is more of a 'breadsaw'. Cutting bread with this knife is much easier and more accurate when compared to traditional bread knives. 

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These knives are a revelation! We have tried many bread knives at Rose Ash Foods as we cut bread to taste olive oils.

This is by far the best knife we have come across for easy cutting. It has a lovely elegant shape, is very light and feels great in the hand.  

The knife itself is very light and very little pressure needs to be applied in the cutting process. This makes it an ideal knife for anyone, but in particular the elderly. 

Handmade in New Zealand from Heart Rimu, the Great NZ Bread Knife is a useful kitchen tool, designed to cut even slices of bread. Made with a very high quality industrial serrated blade. 

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.